Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 2 in Hanoi - "Much Better"

Day 2 in Hanoi went much more smoothly and we are all happy now. We got up pretty early and finished packing up to move to a new hotel with more room. We were at the Heart Hotel, but the room was just way too small for us. We need some more space than this hotel provided, space for napping and just living in general, we are going to be here for 9 more days. Plus the Heart Hotel had tile floor and Chianna is not very steady and falls quite a bit. She laughs when she falls, she is one tough cookie, but Myke and I have a mini heart attack and our lightening fast reflexes are being honed for sure!

Our new hotel is the Hoa Binh Palace Hotel, it is only a couple blocks away from the Heart Hotel. We are all so glad we made the move. Sure it is twice the price, but worth every penny. This room is very spacious and carpeted too! Also, we have a king size bed here, at the other hotel, my feet were hanging off the bed, so you can imagine how it was for Myke! Then there is a desk inbetween our bed and Chianna's little bed. We have a bureau and a cabinet with a frig. They have complimentary coffee, tea and water every day as well as a plate of fruit delivered fresh every afternoon. The room also includes a free breakfast in their restuarant on the 8th floor with a view. There is also a large sitting area int he room with a couch. two chairs, a coffee table and the tv with plenty of channels. Chianna seems to like this room and so do we, so its a win! Oh and the best part is the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom! Chianna is such a water baby! She loves taking a bath and hates getting out of it! The shower head has a handle to put it over the tub and she loves to put her head under the running water. She squeals and giggles and it is the greatest sound! She makes us so happy, we feel so blessed to have this beautiful little angel as our own.

After checking into the hotel, we went out for lunch at Le Pub next door to the hotel. Chianna is starting to express her creativity and seems to enjoy a little freedom that she probably didn't have at the orphanage. Here she is making her "everything" soup! She likes everything cleared off her plate, so she accomplishes that by giving us the foods she doesn't want and insisting that we eat them! Very funny!

After lunch we went back to the hotel room & spent the rest of the day there. We played in the room and had a bath (of course!). Chianna seemed a lots more comfortable in this room and with us. She is loving the DVDs that Auntie Kayla and Uncle Sean sent. She watches Sesame Street over and over and over and over again. She is learning it, she gets into place to push the start button to watch again as soon as the credits start now. The beach scene seems to be her favorite! : ) I know Auntie Manders loves that idea! : )

Here are pics and videos are uploaded on You Tube.

Playing "slide off the bed"! Fun for Chianna, very scary for mommy & daddy!

The Heart Hotel

The Heart Hotel

Lunch time!


Tammie said...

Wow! What a wonderful change from the other day. I'm so glad that you guys decided to switch hotels. Apparently there was something that just didn't sit well with your sweetie.

I love how she is making her demands known so clearly! And I love seeing pics of mommy & daddy with with their little girl!

Dawn said...

I am so glad that you posted your blog addy cos now I get to see your sweet and gorgeous little girl for myslef. Congratulations again. I am crying big huge bucketsful of happy tears for you both.