Friday, April 17, 2009

Chianna's Room Almost Done!

Daddy has been working hard on finishing up Chianna's room! Here are some much anticipated pics!

Here are the plans for the "castle". It is a fantasy, fairy castle with mushroom tops!

Vines hanging down in front of the play area.

Butterflies added to the vines.

See the blue, fuzzy mushroom tops? Also notice the flowers added to the ceiling.

Introducing the fairies! These are very important guardian fairies that will hang from the celing to watch over & protect Chianna!

Pink fairy close up.

Special Mermaid Fairy close up!

Adding the fairies.

Setting up the fairies.

The mermaid fairies sit on the window curtain.

Now Myke added white lights to the flowers in the sealing, these also dim for a night lite!

Our friend, Chalin is an artist. She drew the castle design from Myke's description of how he wanted it to look and she had been painting for us!

This is "Teddy"! Teddy was my bear growing up, he slept with me every night until Myke took his place. So I know he is a good snuggler and great to keep company with. I still have always kept Teddy close by and when I have been feeling sick or feeling down, I give him a big squeeze! He gives THE BEST HUGS! I am so happy to have Teddy for Chianna, I hope she loves him as much as I do!


Tammie said...

Chianna's room is coming along beautifully!

Mo and Mark said...

What a beautiful room, I love the fairies and flowers and lights! How perfect for Chianna, I hope she loves it! Congratulations again to both of you!