Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary to My Honey!

Today, April 14th celebrates our 3rd wedding anniversary!

This brings up a very dear subject - 3s!

We had an Asian themed wedding ceremony at the Morikami Gardens. We decided that we wanted a very non-traditional wedding. Instead of exchanging vows and rings, we had a Japanese San San Kudo Ceremony:

During the ceremony, the couple exchanged the san-san-kudo sake sips. San means three. Three is an indivisible number, and it is considered a sacred number in Buddhism. By exchanging the nuptial sake sips, this three time three, they are now happily united. Nine means triple happiness.
But just as the san-san-kudo sake sips may not be altogether delicious, the couple's marriage life may not always be delightful, but they will have to overcome their hardships with the co-operative spirit of the san-san-kudo.

Part of our ceremonial nuptials and Myke had put together also said how 3 is a very important number, not only can it not be divided, but a table needs 3 legs to stand and be balanced.

Coincidentally (or not!) just after we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, we will be a family of 3 when we travel to Vietnam to welcome Chianna as our 3rd and ever important leg!