Monday, June 18, 2007

A 4 Year Old's Dietary Habits & Other Ponderings

Tammie's comment on Dee Dee's diet has got me thinking - or maybe more like mulling over some issues. I figured that Dee Dee's diet was pretty much the norm, she does get a little bit of variety because her mom (my sister in law, Pryscilla) is Brazilian and Dee Dee spends lots of time over at Pryscilla's parent's house. They are Vo Vo and Va Va to Dee Dee and while there she only speaks Portuguese and evidently eats a much better variety of foods than at home or around her American side of the family. So, it is awesome that she is multi cultural. Pryscilla speaks like 5 languages, which I think is amazing.

Myke and I are planning on looking up some Vietnamese lessons ourselves. Anyone know any place they can recommend? We have always wanted to learn Chinese and Japanese, and now we have added Vietnamese to the list. I kind of speak Spanish, but not very well. Its just whatever is left over from school, which is not very conversational. i.e. "Paco es muy guapo". LOL Who ever says that in South Florida?

But, back to the food issue. Myke and I are such foodies that we are hoping to turn our daughter into one too. If there is anyone for the job,it is Myke. I have seen him get kids to eat stuff you wouldn't believe. He is so great with kids, its amazing. Myke is a little more adventurous than I am in the food department, but we both will pretty much try anything at least once. Myke always says, "You didn't know you liked chocolate cake until you tried some." So, based on that philosophy, we have found lots of new yummy things. I used to be pretty picky about food and without Myke around to get me to try things, I would still be pretty one dimensional in the food department. I grew up eating pretty bland food since my dad considers any food with some black pepper on it "SPICY!".

Our latest food adventure was at a relatively new Indian restaurant over in Lauderhill on University Dr. It is a vegetarian one - can't remember the name. We went two weekends ago and they had a buffet, which was great because we got to try a little of everything and just about everything was delicious and quite spicy, but in a good way. The only problem is, we felt a little out of place and uncomfortable, which is unfortunate because it was great food at a really great price ($8.95 for lunch). It was weird because there are plenty of other ethnic restaurants that we have eaten at and continue to eat at regularly when, . . . well lets just say, . . . I am the only blond in the building, and its no problem for us. I don't know if we will try it again, I am up for it, but Myke seemed like he was done with it, especially because they didn't bring our drinks out until we were almost completely finished and when you are eating spicy Indian food, the drinks are kind of a necessity. We had water, but Myke hates water. He and my dad are the same way about drinking water, they just don't do that. Weird, huh? I mean I don't love drinking water, but its ok sometimes.

Anywho - I have gone off on a crazy restaurant tangent here, which I will probably do from time to time. We eat out all the time (for now anyways). When it becomes two and a high chair, I am sure it will be a completely different story. I have been thinking about doing a restaurant blog, maybe I will soon - who knows? AHHHHH I am becoming a blogaholic!! I came up with that name the other day.

Now I'm hungry - when's dinner? : )-


Tammie said...

We live in restaurants also since I don't cook unless it's under pressure & David gets tired of being the only one to cook. Erin can tell you the names of the servers in the restaurants that we frequent. I'm sure that Chianna will be able to do that too!

Shari McConahay said...

I don't cook either, Myke is the chef in our family. He is a really good cook, but usually isn't in the mood after being at work all day. He recently made a rule though that I need to make something once every two weeks or else he will block the Food Network channel from the TV!!

Tammie said...

Myke's too funny. And you dear girl are screwed. My deal with David is that I have to cook 4 times a year. I've got one time left for the year. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!


David can't block the Food Network since he & Erin watch it with me. Alton Brown on Good Eats has given us some great ideas!