Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cereal Killers??


So what is this crap I hear about people actually wanting to get rid of all the cartoon characters on the cereal boxes and commercials?

Ridiculous, just ridiculous I tell you.

If parents don't want their children to eat certain cereals then getting rid of the cartoon mascots is not the answer. I'm sorry to have to say it, but it is just plain stupid. Its just another step towards an overly politically correct, bland society where the squeaky wheel gets the grease and screw everybody else.

Don't you dumb people dare try and ban these pop culture icons is just wrong.


Do you not know how to tell your child what he or she can and cannot eat? Tony the Tiger, Captain Crunch and that Silly Rabbit are a big part of pop culture history, MY history; and I take offense at some group trying to erase my history. I would hate for them not to be around for my kids growing up. Will my kids eat sugary cereal everyday, no - moderation is the key here people!

I hope that the cereal companies don't give in to these people. What's next? Maybe toy manufacturers shouldn't be able to advertise their products to children either.

If you can't say "no" to your kid, that's your problem, don't take it out on Tony.

Go play watchdog in your own damn kitchen and leave mine out of it, thank you very much!


Whew . . .

I feel better now. : )


Joanne said...

Hi Shari, darn straight. It's Tony!
thanks for your comment at xy-and-zed. Good luck with your adoption process. Joanne

Tammie said...

They're trying to take away my childhood!? How rude! I'm so not surprised though. So many people only want to B & M about problems (like how to say "no" to their children) but don't want to work on a solution.

Personally, I can't live without Cap'n Crunch!