Saturday, June 23, 2007

Farewell Stargate SG1

Well, Stargate SG1 is gone! It wasn't the blockbuster ending I was looking for, but it was an ending none the less. I will miss the characters, hopefully they will sometimes make appearances on Stargate Atlantis and evidently, Samantha Carter is going to be on Atlantis next season, so that is very cool. If I can't have "the whole band together" as Mitchell says, then I'll take whatever I can get. Maybe she will take Weir's place in Atlantis since it looks like she might have bit the bullet. No tears for the demise of her character, unlike Dr. Beckett. I still can't believe he's gone and wonder what could possibly be the reason for that. Well, I am so sorry to see SG1 go away, but how many races of false Gods can they fight off anyway? I will miss the characters, the actors have all done such a grea job at making them real. Thanks for the memories and thanks for the last 10 years, Stargate! You will be gone, but not forgotten because you will probably end up on our shelf in DVD form along with our other favorites like Farscape & Alias! When Chianna gets old enough, hopefully she will enjoy watching them too.


Tammie said...

As sad as I am about the end of SG!, it's nothing compared to how devastated I was when Star Trek & Babylon 5 ended.

The cool thing about Babylon 5 is that we bought the series for ourselves for this past Chanukah. We watched every single episode with Erin. She keeps asking us to watch it again!

Of course Erin also loves Harry Potter & the Lord of the Rings movies.

Jenn said...

Hey Shari -
Just wondering if you're out there. I miss your blog updates and have been wondering how your adoption is going! We're DTV!!!!