Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Paperwork Mailed & Crossed Off the List

We feel pretty good because some more paperwork is crossed off the list this week. We applied for out passports on Wednesday and we also went down to the Broward County Sheriff's Office to get our local background checks done. I was surprised to see that all the times I called them to report something it was listed there. I was briefly shocked to see extra papers stapled to my results form since I know I was never arrested and relieved that I would not have to go through some process to prove it. I'm glad we decided to get our passport pics done on Tuesday at CVS since the camera was not working at our post office. I am also glad that I had not mailed the I600A form yet - I almost did, but had to ask our Home Study social worker a question or two about it. I did not know that they were going to mail away our birth certificates for the passport applications. I'm also a little nervous since my birth certificate that I brought was my original - not a certified copy like Myke's! AHHH I hope it gets mailed back to me safe and sound as promised. I would have got a copy if I would have known that ahead of time. So, we still needed to go and get two more copies each of our birth certificates from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. We got that done Friday and I mailed the I-600A form out Friday. So - it is off along with our home study contract, the FDLE form and the Children & Family consent form to check for any prior record there. Myke and I have sealed each envelope we mail with a kiss - silly huh? But its our way of sending extra luck and extra love every step of the way to our new daughter.

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