Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's the hopeful Daddy!

Well, Now its up to me to say hello. It's the hopeful daddy. I'm' just gonna be honest and I'm sure everything I feel is normal but quite frankly I'm scared to death of this whole thing. Don't get me wrong I know for a fact in my heart that if I was meant to be anything it was to be a dad. Kids are awesome they are our future and In a odd way I think children can remind us who we wanted to be or who we where. Happiness in silly places. Fun in whatever they want to find in. Wonderment in the simplest of things. Alot of us forget these things because it gets replaced with the hustle and bustle of society, bills, traffic, and all that is adult. Remember when it was ok to wear your favorite cowboy boots with your favorite orange shorts and cape and it didn't matter were you where or what people thought? It didn't matter because your heart was lighter. I know I'm rambling!Anyway, I'm super excited to spend time with this little girl who will help fill that little empty space in my heart reminding me to let my heart be a little lighter as well. I've decided to make a video diary for my daughters eyes only. Once we get our referral I will begin it. I plan on being as honest as I can and when she finally finds someone who she loves and loves her back and gets married I plan on giving this diary to her. I don't know if that is kinda nuts or what but, its my plan. Anyway wish us luck!

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