Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Woo Hoo Kung Foo!!!

So, we just recently switched to satellite TV.

I'm not sure if I am totally thrilled with it yet or not, but I am too peeved at Comcast to continue on with them. (Long story & you don't want to know - ughhh!) So, satellite currently seems to be the lesser of two evils right now; and I must get my TV one way or another!
We did lose the signal twice yesterday when it was raining, which is disconcerting. They insisted that was just a bunch of cable company hype! So, we will have to see if that continues to be a problem. I can tell you that if it goes out while recording one of our shows, then there will be an issue!

But, this blog topic is about a positive thing with our satellite and that is kung fu 24/7!!!! Our Dish service has The Kung Fu Channel!!! In HD!!!!! This is awesome - kung fu movies all the time! Myke is in total heaven and I have to say that it has cut into my usual food network addiction. (Although it does have two Food Network Channels - the regular and HD!!!) We both love watching kung fu movies, so there is now always something for us to watch - especially since a lot of our shows are not on in the summer.

Plus, we are preparing to bid a sad farewell to our beloved Stargate SG1. So sad! All our fave shows always have to go bye bye. But, at least we can say Stargate had a good 10 year run!
Oh, and for any other kung fu fans out there, you have to check out Condor Hero. We bought our DVD at Best Buy. Myke describes it best as a Chinese soap opera for men (or kung fu fans). It has a great story line and amazing kung fu plus really good special effects. It is quite long - it was on for several seasons, but well worth it. It has English subtitles, so you really have to pay attention, but it is enthralling! Myke and I learned quite a bit of Chinese while watching. Ok, there's my plug, now let me know if any one watches it.


Tammie said...

Kung Fu 24/7? That might be a bit much even for me! My SIL has had satellite tv for more than 10 years & loves it. I hate cable too but David won't budge. Of course, I really hate paying the bill for cable & imagine the satellite costs more $$$ than I want to spend.

Isn't it sad about SG1? We watch it every night. Erin loves the show too. What can I say? Her favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter & she's getting into Star Wars & Star Trek. She can spot Rachael Ray & Alton Brown from a mile away too!

Shari McConahay said...

Ok, wierd, just wierd how much we have in common!
Actually, DishTV is less than Comcast Cable was for us. It is about $40/mo. for 10 months, and then it goes up to (I think) about $55 or $60, where the Cable part of our Comcast bill was $74. Comcast would have gone down to $33 (or part of it was reduced or something) when we signed up for the cable phone service, but they just screwed that up so bad and their customer service was beyond non existant. We have a friend who works for Dish in Colorado, so he convinced Myke to get satellite, and I reluctantly agreed. I am fine with the satellite as long as it doesn't lose the signal during a show that is important to me. Even though our subscription doesn't have 3 channels that I would like to have, but don't want bad enough to pay more for, it does have hundreds of channels and in addition to the Kung Fu channel, there is a monster channel and TWO, yes count them TWO Food Network channels (regular ad HD, which has different programming).