Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The I600A Scare

Ok, so this morning I drop Myke off at the dentist and I come back to the house to see some mail sitting on the dining room table. Hmmm . . . strange! I don't remember seeing this before! Myke has a habit of bringing in mail and not telling me - lord knows he's not going to open it, either. So, of course something very important is in there. I see the envelope with Department of Homeland Security in the return address. I am surprised that they got our I600A form and responded so quickly and then I am also surprised to see that we HAD appointments to get our fingerprints done YESTERDAY! AHHHHH!!!! So, of course I panic = then I read that processing time will take one year. So, I am now really upset and trying not to cry so that I can try and fix our missed appointment problem.

I immediately email my FCC Support group - and I get some immediate help! Whew!!

I also called the number on the paperwork and find out that Wednesdays are the makeup day and we don't need an appointment! Whew again. The nice man on the phone also gave me an email address to send an inquiry to about the waiting time.

So, I go and pick up Myke from the dentist and unload all this information on this poor guy who just suffered through a root canal! And off to the INS office we go!

Our fingerprints were done right away with almost no wait. How cool are those electronic fingerprint machines?!

Then on the way home I actually get a call from the INS office in Miami and the nice lady on the phone assures me that the wait time is not one year, it is 60 to 90 days - which is actually shorter than what I originally thought!

So, the crisis was averted! Whew [again]. And I am so glad to be reporting this to you feeling so much better than I originally thought!

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Tammie said...

I say that Myke needs to have another root canal for not telling you about THE ENVELOPE!!!

Of course, David takes the mail in also. He too doesn't go through it. What is it with these men!?