Friday, June 22, 2007

Blowfish, Rosetta Stone & Pho
"You Don't Need to Bring Costumes to Vietnam"

No, we didn't eat blow fish sushi, that is the name of the company on these cute sandals I bought today. Myke picked them out, so I am bound to get compliments on them. : )

Myke & I had a marketing meeting up in Boca today and we decided to take the rest of the afternoon to visit the "fancy mall in Boca". We had a nice afternoon together. We purchased the Rosetta Stone program to learn Vietnamese. So, hopefully [keeping fingers crossed] we will be able to communicate just enough to get by and know whats going on a bit when we travel to Vietnam. Plus, it will be something nice to have for Chianna when she gets older and might want to learn a little Vietnamese herself.

If this software works, BTW, it comes with a 6mo money back guarantee and was $200, I'm planning to get the Mandarin Chinese one and then maybe Japanese too. I always wanted to learn. Plus, with a basic knowledge of Chinese in addition to what we hear and learn while watching Kung Fu flicks, we will learn even more and maybe eventually not need the subtitles on un-dubbed films.

While walking through the mall, we saw some really cool, super sturdy luggage and popped in the store to take a peak. The largest piece was $900!!! AHHHH Well we can't get that since money does not grow out of my BUTT. So we then looked at some other reinforced plastic kind that was only $400 - still expensive, but I have gone through more than that in luggage in the past few years, so this would be a good investment and we would not have to worry about anything happening to it during international travel to Vietnam. So, we decided to think about it more - we still have quite a few months til we leave for Vietnam. But we are going to San Jose next month, so maybe we should decide sooner rather than later.

As we were leaving the store I started thinking about packing for Vietnam and what we would need to take. (I am sure lots of my FCC South Florida and new blog friends will help us out with this info when the time comes.) But, I started going on about how many cute outfits we will have to have for Chianna and how many costumes I will have to bring to dress her up in - LOL. Then Myke was all like, "OMG you don't need to bring costumes to Vietnam!" and I told him that I did because I was planning on bringing her off the plane in her first Lady Bug Costume! Then he just looked at me and smiled with tears in his eyes at the thought of his little daughter all dressed up so cute and I had tears in mine. So we just held hands and walked down the mall. : ) Luckily we avoided crying in the middle of The Boca Town Center!
Lady Bug Costume
Now that I am thinking about it, I have to find a Lady Bug costume now, since as it gets closer to Halloween, there will be less and less available. Dad, can you help me find one? I was thinking of the one pictured here because I love it but, the smallest is 12 - 24 months, and that might be too big since we are thinking/expecting that our baby girl will be about 3 or 4 months when we pick her up. Oh, I am now thinking I am way jumping the gun on all this, so maybe we should put it on hold for now. But, Dad, we should still order a newborn lady bug costume (just in case) and also because it will sell well! ; )

So, we finished our day with dinner at Stir Crazy - mmmm yummy. We shared Thai basil chicken and Pho with shrimp and beef. I love that pho soup and was commenting on how I could definitely live on that stuff for 3 weeks in Vietnam, then Myke said "yeah if its like this" and I had a bad thought of like fish heads or something floating in my soup in Vietnam - uh oh hope not! Well, the soup originated from there, so I am sure it is awesome there too! One of the first times I had pho was in Colorado while visiting my cousin Tracey and her family. We love it in Colorado. They eat at this Vietnamese restaurant a lot. Unfortunately, we don;t have any Vietnamese places around here, that I know of anyways. Anyone out there know of any Vietnamese places in South Florida? I know there are plenty of Asian Fusion places - love to hear about those too - but I am mostly wondering about Vietnamese restaurants. Yum Yum good. Sometimes I wonder how I am not 400 pounds.

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Tammie said...

Shopping for Chianna!? Too cool! There are so many fun things out there for you to choose from. Your FCC SFL family sends out shopping posts all the time. David says FCC SFL means "Families with Children from China Shop Florida."

And BTW tell your dad to pick up the ladybug costume in a few sizes. You'll use them. Trust me! I love the idea of you guys bringing Chianna off the plane in one of those!