Saturday, June 23, 2007

Evan Almighty the Birthday Movie ; )-

I had quite a lovely birthday today! It was pretty unplanned - as usual -we are such "last minute people!"

I woke up to the yummiest smell - Myke made me Birthday Waffles for breakfast! It was such an awesome surprise and they were not just any waffles - they were apple struesel waffles with cinnamon and whipped cream and everything!

Then when he came back to bed to wake me, he proclaims: "Ewww who is this old woman lying in my bed??!! Where is the hot young chick I went to bed with last night???"

HA HA HA Very funny!

For the record, I am 35 today. Hopefully, I am not an old crotchety - YET!

We went to our fave movie theater - the Muvico in Boca with the Premiere Theater. We love it because we never have to worry about people talking in the theater. A pleasant side effect of $20 movie ticket. Yes, its sad that you have to spend so much to get a great movie experience, but it is so worth it! Besides, you get popcorn and valet parking for free (or for about $10 - depends on how you look at it). But, the reserved seats are nice, not to mention that they are comfy plush love seats - and you can order food at the bistro style restaurant there and eat it in the movies. I don't like to do that because it is too dark and I need to see what I'm eating. : )-
They also sell beer, wine and alcohol, so you can drink during your movie, if you want.

So, our good friends Jay & Bonnie took us to see Evan Almighty, which was such a fun and cute movie. They were also gracious enough to buy us dinner for my birthday - THANKS YOU GUYS! So, a good time was had by all.

I pretty much am happy to do anything these days because it seems like I am always in front of a computer!

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