Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

So the waiting begins. Even though I know it is only the beginning of many months of waiting ahead, I feel particularly anxious today. I guess its cause we are just sitting around today. A copy of Myke's birth certificate arrived yesterday so our agency application and I600A form are finished and in the mail. We are going to file for our passports next week. Our home study is scheduled for June 29th; so we wait. Kind of like the EPCOT video of the ocean it waits, and waits, and waits. . . .

All of our family is waiting too. My dad is "Papa" and he says to tell everyone that "the papa is waiting". He is already quite experienced in the art of granddaughter spoiling. My niece, Dee Dee is currently the only grandchild and he loves being a papa so much, so we are so happy to be able to be able to give him another granddaughter. Chianna will be the first grandchild for Myke's parents who are just so ecstatic and thrilled. We are probably most excited for Myke's grandparents, we know them as Nonie and Papa. We have the honor of making them great grandparents for the first time! They also can't wait to love on this new baby! So, yes, Chianna will have two "papas", maybe our papa will want to be called Great Papa or Grand Papa - I think Great Papa fits him since he IS so GREAT. I can't say enough about them both. They have become my Nonie and Papa too and I love them dearly. They have been my second chance to have grandparents since mine are already gone and I know they are all looking down from Heaven, smiling, protecting and sending love. I am so thankful for Myke's family, they are so awesome and so full of love. I have felt at home and so comfortable with them from day one.

All of our friends are also anxiously awaiting this baby girl's arrival. I am so proud and happy when we constantly here from them all that we will make great parents. It makes me feel so good that we have their vote of confidence and support.

And two very special individuals waiting on our daughter are Yogi and Aku! Yogi is our little Scottie and Aku is our crazy Boxer. They are gonna' love her and she is gonna' love them. I can't wait!

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