Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Bro!

Well, my "little bro" just turned 30 on Tuesday and I can't believe we are so old!! I don't have any celebration pics yet since we are going to celebrate his birthday along with Father's Day this weekend. On his birthday, he went to get his right arm "inked". His tattoos now cover that arm from shoulder to elbow. Can't wait to see what it looks like. His best friend Ralph is a tattoo artist. I have been thinking about getting a little tat for a while now, but I change my mind too often to have something that permanent. Besides, I have dealt with enough pain, not sure that I would like to volunteer for some.
Jack is "The Wizard" of The Wizard's Apprentice Magic Shop. His website is And I mention it here not only for a shameless plus, but to say that I have decided to set up a blog for his business for his Birthday Gift. : ) Our tastes our so far apart that I can never figure out what to get him, so I think this is the perfect gift! Check it out:

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