Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diet Diary Day 1

So today is Day #1 of our diet.

Well, not really a diet, but a life style change for healthier eating, portion control, and more exercise. We need to get in shape for Chianna and get in the habit of not eating all the junk and crap that we won't want her to eat. Need to lead by example.

Plus, I have been steadily gaining weight for about the last 6 months. Some sort of metabolism thingy. The last two months have been the worst since I went back on "The Pill". Yeah, I know: TMI! But, never the less, I would like to lose probably about 40 pounds. Now, that being said, we don't own a scale! I don't want to own a scale, and I don't care as much about the number on a scale as I do how I feel about myself.

This is going to be hard for us because we love food!

So, we are starting by cutting back, eating healthier and doing some sort of 30 minute exercise at least 3 times per week.

So I am going to use my blog as a sort of "diet diary" just to document my progress and bash myself when I cheat - LOL! Sorry if it gets boring, reading about every little thing I eat, but I gotta' do this!

So today's meals were:

Breakfast: 1/2 Bolthouse Farms Cappuccino protein shake.

Lunch: Falafel Pita from Pita Plus with a small side of sauerkraut and a pickle. I had an Orange Fanta to drink - probably bad.

I had a Crystal Light drink in the afternoon and a 100 calorie pack Reese's snack when I got home.

We are night owls and normally don't eat dinner until late, which I know is not the best thing, but we have to make changes gradually, this way it will be a little easier for us and not so jarring or too hard for us to maintain.

Dinner: Myke made green curry stir fry. It was so yum, I probably ate more than I should have. But I think it was healthy and low in fat: chicken breast, shrimp, snow peas, yellow and orange peppers, bean sprouts and white jasmine rice. I don't have any idea about the calorie count or fat count, but I am going to try not to worry so much about that. I don't know how much I ate either, I didn't weigh it! I know that brown rice would have probably been a better choice, but we have white rice in the house and we're not going to waste it!
I drank iced tea with Splenda in it.

I had fresh cherries for dessert.

Day one down, the eating part went pretty good, I'd say!

And for the exercise part. . . the thunder, lightening and rain put a bit of a damper on our plans for a walk after dinner. And it is now going on 1am. I am going to attempt to play on the wii for 30 minutes after I finish this post. I'll let you know how I do tomorrow.

P.S. Does washing Yogi count for exercise? Bending, lifting, scrubbing, running to catch him. . . . I'd say that qualifies! Now to get up the strength and will for that!

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