Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Diet Diary Day #9

Breakfast: Special K Protein Bar & a banana.

Lunch: I had forgot to make a salad to go along with my Lean Cuisine Lunch, so I had 2 Lean Cuisine Lunches. One was garlic chicken with spinach. The other was tortilla crusted tilapia with rice.

Now for dinner, we splurged a little. We had a buy one get one coupon for a new Brazilian Churascaria that just opened near our house. We decided to go and check it out. That is why I ate two Lean Cuisines for lunch, I thought that just one would have left me hungry and I would have wanted to eat more at the steak house.

I still think I did alright. I definitely ate less than I would have before our diet. I don't want to undo all that I have worked for so far. So here's my list:

Tomatoes and Mozzarella
Marinated Cucumber Salad
Spicy Gerkin Pickle
1 piece of bread w/ chimichurri sauce
(They have a great salad bar)

I had one very small piece of cheese bread.
And quite a bit of steak!
Each piece of steak was small, but much more than I have eaten in a while:
Garlic Sirloin
Flank Steak
Pot Roast
Carved Sirlion
One very small piece of bacon chicken and one small piece of Parmesan crusted pork.

Not your typical diet menu, but I have been good all this time and a little splurge every once in a while HAS to be ok! I had iced tea to drink and skipped dessert - which was difficult!

Later on I had some fruit for dessert.

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