Monday, July 14, 2008

I Won a CARES Plane Seatbelt for Chianna!

Yeah for me! Yeah for Chianna! Now, for just getting her to sit still in it for that loooooong plane ride home. Its not gonna be easy, but at lest we know she will be safe and secure with this CARES seatbelt harness - FAA approved & much more compact than a car seat or booster seat!

My Twitter bud, fellow blogger, and fellow online entrepreneur Katja from has many giveaways on her blog. I was thrilled to win this one. Katja is such a smart cookie and a pro at online networking. Everyone please take a moment to stop by her blog and see all the great giveaways she is doing this month!

We actually already have a car seat for her. We took a trip with my niece Dee Dee last year and ended up forgetting her car seat in the car at the airport, so we had to purchase a new one in Ohio. we have kept it since then, thinking one day we will use it for Chianna. But I don't think we will need it for the trip to and from Vietnam. Any suggestions on whether we should take it or not? I think the CARES harness belt should do the trick.

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