Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diet Diary Day #2

Day #2 eating healthy, felt pretty hungry for most of today, but I feel really good about feeling better and getting healthier and skinnier too.

Didn't exercise last night, but I am going to play on the wii when I am done here. We were going to go swimming, but it got a little too late. Dinner took a longer time that I thought to cook, so tomorrow night we plan on swimming!

Breakfast: Orange Cream Protein Smoothie

Lunch: Sweet Tomatoes: Salad w/ regular dressing, tuna pasta salad and low fat Vegetable soup. A small piece of bread. Iced tea with Equal.

Crystal Light

Snack: Fresh Snap Peas and 2 low fat Wheat Thins

Dinner: Grouper baked in a bag with veggies and potatoes, olive oil and lemon. A Crescent Roll & Dr. Pepper >; )
Cherries for dessert.

I'm hungry but my pants are tight and I hardly have any that fit. So that's what I think about when I think about food.

Off to play Dancing With The Stars on the wii!

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Tammie said...

Have you bought one of those dance mats? I have a friend who uses her daughter's for exercise. Also, my niece (who is teeny tiny) loves the WII exercise mat.