Thursday, July 10, 2008

Diet Diary Day #4

The last two days I have been super busy especially with meetings at night, so I have been catching up on posts and pre-dating them to correspond with the correct day. Even though I have been out and about, I still stayed on track.

I stayed home on Thursday to catch up on some sleep, get some stuff done around the house and to try and get some work done without the phone interruptions I get at work.

Breakfast: small bowl of Captain Crunch - yeah I know he's not the healthiest of choices, ,but surprisingly low in fat and calories, especially with 1% milk.

Lunch: I had the left over Tilapia and veggies from yesterday's lunch along with the rest of the garden pasta salad. Iced tea with Splenda to drink.

I had a SFIMA meeting tonight, they usually pass appetizers around and have a veggie/ fruit platter and cheese platter. Its not really enough for dinner and its hard to eat while you are trying to talk and network, so I wanted to eat before hand.

Early dinner/snack: hummus with low fat wheat thins and celery. Iced tea with Splenda.

During the meeting I had 2 glasses of White Zinfandel - not sure how fattening wine is? I made it through the meeting without eating any of the appetizers or anything - I was to busy yapping away! : ) I am proud of myself for resisting the yummy looking coffee cake they had after the meeting too!

After the meeting, we went out for dinner and drinks. I had an awesome Scallop Salad at Big City Tavern - I would highly recommend it! It had to big scallops on the plate and a very small mixed greens salad with mango and papaya and a vanilla bean vinaigrette. One last glass of wine with dinner. A piece of sourdough bread (no butter), and a glass of iced tea with Splenda.

Sorry if my diet diary entries are boring, as I said, they are really just for me, and I highly recommend it! A lot of my will power is aided by the fact that I always think: Oh, if I eat that, I am gonna have to write it down for everyone to see!


Tammie said...

Actually the scallop salad sounds pretty yummy!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

ROFL about having to write it all down for us to see. That would scare the Sh*@ out of me ;-)

Keep up the great work mama!