Saturday, July 26, 2008

Diet Diary Day #20

We slept in today and then we were out shopping for Chianna, so we didn't actually eat until around 3pm. Bad idea, I know, but sometimes it just works out that way.

We ate at Gabose, which is one of our favorite restaurants, it is Korean BBQ, and family owned so its like you are eating home made Korean food and it is absolutely delicious!

We had Kimchee Pajun as an appetizer, which is a flat pancake made out of rice flour with scallions, onions, and peppers and Kimchee in it. Kimchee is cabbage in a spicy sauce.

For my entree, I forgot the whole name of what I ordered. It is a Kimchee Bokum, which is pork, onions and other veggies in a Kimchee sauce with rice cakes, it also comes with a side of white rice. The rice cakes are my favorite part, I know you may be thinking of something like Quaker rice cakes, but it couldn't further from that. The rice cakes they serve are small little compact pieces that I can best describe as mushy, or chewy. I just love them!

All the entrees come with many little sides that are different each time, I had some pickled cucumbers, coleslaw, Kimchee with potatoes, there are also many other sides, Myke likes them, there was a seaweed salad, more Kimchee, and a couple of other things. All these are in little tiny plates, so you get just a taste of each thing. It is a great way to explore the different food they have. Not everything there is spicy and not everything is Kimchee either. Myke ordered what I usuallyhave: Chicken Bulgogi, which is BBQ chicken in a spicy BBQ sauce, they can adjust the spice according to your request.

If anyone ever wants to go, let us know and we can take you and demystify Korean cuisine for you. The restaurant also has a sushi bar and serves cooked Japanese food as well.

I was out running errands and got hungry for a snack so I had some Almonds, the Diamond bottle I bought actually portions out a one ounce serving for you. A little later, I had some Good and Plenty. I haven't had my usual candy fixes at all and sometimes I just have to have some junk. But I only at the 1/4 of the box portion instead of the whole box that I normally would have.

Dinner: Since we ate our breakfast/ lunch so late, we were kind of messed up the rest of the day. I had some Hummus with celery and carrots as a snack, then Myke made dinner: Salmon cakes with a mustard sauce and a Bertoli pasta mix of pasta, veggies and shrimp. It was a small portion and just right since it was late at night already.

For dessert I had a sugar free, low fat Swiss Miss chocolate pudding and a little bit of low fat whipped cream on it! It is really good, 70 calories and doesn't have that nasty diet taste.

I feel like this past week I haven't really been dieting, but I have still definitely cut down on what I have been eating and making better choices, so I think I am still doing alright. I am happy with my choices.

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Vivian M said...

Wow you are doing fabulous on your diet!
Now when do we get to see a picture of Miss Chianna, hmmm?