Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paper work at a Halt

Ughhhh. . . .

Talk about frustrating! Our revised home study is still in Tallahassee waiting to be authenticated. Every other time I sent the paperwork their for authentication, I received it back within 2 or 3 days. On top of everything, my little mistake of forgetting the check the first time has really cost us some valuable time. The first home study with the missing check got to Tallahassee on the 17th and I just got it back today. The correct one with the check got there last Tuesday, I really hope that it doesn't take that much longer to get it!

In the mean time, we are putting together a care package to send to our beloved little girl over in Vietnam. We are so excited about this!!!! But it is hard to choose what to send and more importantly even: what to say in our letter. We were told to write a letter and our agency employee in Vietnam will translate it for us. When Chianna gets this package and letter, that is when her Nanny will be telling her she is being adopted and show her all the things her new Mommy and Daddy and her new family sent her! NO PRESSURE, RIGHT!?

So far we have a pink woobie doll, a little Leap Frog that sings the ABCs, & our photo album. We got some crayons a big coloring book for all the kids in the orphanage to color with, and note pads, notebooks and pen sets for the nannies.

We have been shopping and we have quite a few really adorable outfits for her. I plan on taking pictures of them and posting them here, I just haven't had a chance yet. We are trying to decide which clothes to send. So far we have a pink Princess t-shirt that also says Florida on it, and a really fun pink dress that Myke picked out, it has a big flower on it.

We still need to pick up a blanket and I think a really cute nightgown or pjs to add.

Any other suggestions?

My friend Shannon (thanks!) told me to have two of each of the things we send so that we can bring the duplicate with us for her to recognize and to sleep with the blanket first so that she will know our scents. We will be sleeping with the woobie tonight = )

For anyone who doesn't know what a woobie doll is:


Tammie said...

Sleep with anything you buy for Chianna. It really helps the children when meeting us for the first time.

When you send a photo album, send a pic of Chianna also. She may not have access to mirrors so she may not know what she looks like. You can even include a picture of you guys holding her referral picture.

As for cute shirts & adoption stuff, try cafepress.com

Vivian M said...

I like Shannon's idea, and as for what to send, how about a small picture album with your pictures and pet pics and your names written on them so she will recognize you?
Also send a disposable camera with a note that the nannies take pictures for you and return the camera to you when you travel. Those pictures will be priceless. But label the camera with yours and Chianna's Vietnamese name on it.