Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paper Work Update

I last wrote about how I forgot to include the dumb check for the notary authentication to Tallahassee. I was so upset to find that I couldn't just send a check for them to add to my paperwork and proceed. Instead, I have to wait until they send the home study back and then re-send it with the check. I still haven't received the home study back yet, so I decided to just send the other copy that I have along with the check. I was going to do this on Friday, but the day went by so fast, it was over before I knew it! I was then kicking myself about not sending it. I decided I would send it on Monday. I have all of our paperwork in a bag that I decided to keep in the car so that I wouldn't have to take it here and there, back and forth in and out of work and the house, etc. So of course, we took the other car to work on Monday and there was one more day's delay. So I finally sent it out on Tuesday, it arrived in Tallahassee on Wednesday. I hope they send it back soon along with the other copy, that was my last copy of the home study. I'm sure I can get another one from my social worker if it doesn't come back.

In the mean time, I received the INS approval back lightening fast. So I have the amended approval and after much ado on Tuesday finally found out that paper does not need to be notarized and authenticated, etc. etc.

So, that is the update on the paperwork! I hope to have another update for you soon!

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Vivian M said...

Thank goodness you had another copy of your homestudy! I can't wait for you to become a Mommy on paper! (Because you have been Chianna's Mommy in your heart for way too long now!).