Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Mykie!

We had a great Birthday Weekend, celebrating with family and friends. Myke's parents and his brother, Brian came to visit with us for the weekend. We celebrated Myke's birthday, and of course, our main cause for celebration is Chianna!

For Myke's birthday he decided to cook dinner for everyone. A strange thing, but he loves to cook and it was great to have family and friends over. We had a grilling- fest feast! Dee Dee played an excellent waitress and was an awesome little helper. I made up a picture menu of Myke's dinner and she went around and took everyone's order.

We marinated the meats on Thursday night, so they were extra flavorful and super yummy! We had ribs with a spiced apple BBQ sauce. Chicken breast with Archer Farms's Asian Inspired Grilling Paste, it is a soy base with garlic and ginger and grapeseed oil; and it made one of the best chicken breasts I ever remember eating! Shrimp and veggie skewers with our favorite: Bimini sauce. We also had brats on the grill, red bliss potatoes and an Asian coleslaw.

It was the kind of meal that makes you wish you had two stomachs! So good!!

I think that I was successful in picking out a present that Myke doesn't want to return! Yeah!!! That is due in part to the fact that we were at Sur la Table just a few days before his birthday, so I was able to take note and go back and pick up what he was interested in. I got him a new wok, sauce bottles for painting plates, and silicon butcher twine (reusable) neat stuff! It was a practical gift, but still well received! Yipee!!!

Pics are coming soon as soon as I figure out how to load up pics from my new camera!

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