Friday, July 11, 2008

Diet Diary Day #5

I made it through the week!!

Breakfast: Bolthouse Farms Mango Fruit Smoothie - Fat FREE!!
But it is not the usual protein shake and I was really hungry by lunch time.

Lunch: Mama Fu's Thai Green Beans - a dish with chicken, onions and white rice (and of course, the green beans). Iced tea with the usual Splenda. I ate almost the whole portion, I left about 1/4 of the rice over. One fortune cookie for dessert. I forgot what my fortune said, something silly.

Dinner: Caprese Salad - yes, the tomatoes are back! : ) Low fat Triscuits, hummus, spinach dip, celery. Iced tea with Splenda.

A Nature Valley Trail Mix Bar for dessert.

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